Frequently Asked Questions




Will I be offer permanent or temporary contract?

We are offering a permanent contract from the beginning of your employment.

How many holidays am I entitled to?

You are entitled to 28 days of holiday. You can gain 1 extra day of holiday after each tax year of service, up to 33 days.

Will I be paid weekly or monthly?

You will be paid weekly every Friday.

Will I be required to work over contracted hours?

No, we will never ask you to work over contracted hours.

Is overtime available?

Yes. Depending on business needs, we offer two types: additional, full 8hrs shift or 2/4hrs early start up.

Working conditions

Will I work in cold environment?

Most of our employees wear only fleeces at work. Company fleeces and body warmers are issued to each employee free of charge.

Is it noisy environment?

Most of machines are not running during Night Shift, therefore working environment is reasonably quiet.

Will I get all required Personal Protective Equipment?

Yes, you will be equipped with high quality, free of charge PPE.


What is a buddy training?

As a new starter, for your first few nights you will receive buddy training from one of our skilled and experienced operatives. Your colleague will show and explain to you everything, step by step until you feel confident to work independently.

Working with chemicals

Which chemicals will I use?

Our chemicals supplier is a leading provider of hygiene and food safety solutions in the UK. That means that all our chemicals are approved for use in the food industry and have required certificates.

Will I be shown how to work safely with chemicals?

You will be given full chemical safety training from a Hygiene Manager and provided with free of charge PPE. For the first few nights you will complete buddy training - one of our skilled and experienced employees will show and explain the entire process to you step by step. After completing buddy training, you will be given procedural training from one of the Hygiene Managers.

On site facilities

Is car park available?

Yes, we provide on site, free car park.

Is smoking allowed?

There are three smoking shelters available for smokers during break times.

Can I book tennis or football court?

Yes, it’s free of charge for Kane’s employees only.

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